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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Munich.

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ID 1898

Anup Chathoth

CEO and Co-founder of @ubi-interactive. Ex-Vodafone, Ex-Siemens, Ex-Aricent. Schooling in TU Munich, CDTM, Munich, Columbia Business School, NY.

ID 12198

Nate DiNiro

Founder VivaPhi, HIBCtv, @code-for-health • Worked at @earth-class-mail, @visual-networks • Studied at @life-university

ID 398631

Stefan Weber

Founder of and Former Product Mananger @yahoo. Living in #Munich.

ID 220288

Luis Fernández

Founder In love with JS, The paratrooper at One computer & time, you get your code

ID 255058

Peter Borchers


Founder and Head of Dt Telekom‘s incubator „hub:raum“. Investor in (sold to Senzari), Blinkist, stylemarks, Salonmeister, Reputami,, Frestyl

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 40579

Maurice Mauser

Founder of Makerscore. Autodidactic Engineer, Scientist and Philosopher. Summer Analyst at 2011. Co-Founded EBS NINE.

ID 87239

Martin Tantow


Managing Director @scaler-1. Growth Strategist. Dealmaker. Founded @3scale @cloudtimes. Worked @booz-company @oliver-wyman. Mentor @techstars @sbootcamp

ID 181400

Niels Boegholm

VP Product @ubersense-inc Startup guy in mobile, social and gaming. Marathon runner, Biergarten lover, aspiring traditional chinese learner.

ID 132018

Thomas Bernik


Founder and CEO of audio media group and German Ventures startup accelerator

ID 344401

Max M. Diez

Founder of Shippo. 1st IT outsourcing startup out of high school. Formerly CTO in several European startups. Tech and Business Strategy background.

ID 68066

Kirill Sermyagin

Founder and CEO of Strong business background (from startups to multibillion tournover, IT and Ops, internet). BSc in Moscow State University

ID 94786

Nicolas Dittberner

Country Manager at @elance, Founder @ondango • Worked at @sponsorpay • Studied at @Technical University Of Munich

ID 27966

Fabian Neuen

Founder & COO of @fair-observer, changing the media landscape... Former Manager & Top Talent at Siemens, WHU & @insead-1 graduate (Dean's List)

ID 58760

Uli Mittermaier

Co-Founder of docTrackr and @brainloop. Worked at Netscape.

ID 23690

Falk Wolsky


CEO Passionate Founder, Developer & Inventor 12 years experience as entrepreneur, startup initiator, team leader and product developer.

ID 75723

Alexander Bruehl -->


Angel investor and mentor for those having exciting business ideas, ready kicking off their company. Core competency and areas of interest: SaaS (eg. @freeagent @geckoboard @positionly @riskmethods @minubo @contentful)

ID 62223

Pierre Bisaillon

University startup Focus Stock Photo (sold to Tony Stone Worldwide), co-founded MagazineContent (sold to Media Pro, AG) started Zmags Inc (NA div. of Zmags ApS)

ID 105125

Felix Haas


Internet Entrepreneur: CEO-Founder @amiando (sold to @xing), Founder TiberiumSun (sold to u.), Investor-Founder @kreditech. TU Munich, @eth-zurich-1, @stanford-university.

ID 165358

Louis Tag

CEO and founder of PASSNFLY

ID 216017

Harald Mueller


Worked at @nokia, @philips • Investor @rankseller

ID 31264

Jed Fisher

Focused on building great products, businesses, and teams. Past: VP Engineering (Sequoia company),VP Product Strategy, Founder; Exp with Fortune100s & startups

ID 90373


Worked at @ideo, @linux-information-systems, @Shoplove, • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences

ID 212885

Florian Resch


Happy to work with sports & tech startups in Europe; sports enthousiast; background in business & law; full-time M&A advisory @ernst-and-young Studied at @ViennaEBA @stanford-university

ID 4729

Simon Tennant

ID 287661

Rolf Zimmer

Co-Founder and CTO of riskmethods GmbH. Strong business background re SAP, SRM and CRM solutions. Experienced in Central Europe and US market. Worked as Consultant and as Account Manager.

ID 113890

Robert Hurst


Founder @audio-network • Worked at @pwc-1, @pearson • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-bath

ID 38457

Nico Richter

Venture Manager @venture-stars - living in Munich, Germany - looking for disruptive business models and motivated entrepreneurs

ID 240112

Dennis von Ferenczy

Entrepreneur and angel investor, co-founder of @amiando (sold to XING), tech/product/marketing/BI focus, B2B/SaaS/transactional business models, Europe/LatAm/US

ID 87482

Sebastian Schuon

ID 162765

Matthias Bellmann


be2 (index ventures investment), regiojobs europe (Rocket Internet + Holtzbrinck investment), kirondo (team europe investment), MSc Business Informatics

ID 209809

Maximilian G. Noelle

CMO ntypz, 26 years, founded MGN Media (production for film and media), Master of New Media Management, interested in: piano,golf,discovering other countries

ID 189889

André Panné

CEO and founder of 99tastes, founder of TelcoMobile International, previous in IT-consulting (Accenture,gedas) and Telco (tyntec, BenQ-Mobile), Partner @ TRADUM

ID 170557

James Ashforth-Pook


More than 25 years in Technology - Semiconductors/Software/Systems - Technical and Commercial Management roles worldwide..

ID 175179

Hidero Niioka

CEO of IPEXC • Stanford Law, PhD in IP @max Planck Institute, Germany. Worked at @Deutsche Bank. TMT Investment Banker, Lawyer in NY & Germany from Japan

ID 10103

Mat Wiemann

Founder storycam - broadcast your stories, Senior developer, MBA, previously founded GoodCoworking

ID 20855

Daniel Franz

Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder of @good-noows, ZNet Labs - MBA - @google, @atlassian, @telefonica - Munich, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney

ID 109310

Georg Treu

CEO of SPOTS. Co-founder of Aloqa (sold to Motorola). Location-based services expert. Strong research and product dev background. PhD CS LMU Munich.

ID 94070

eberhard plattfaut


Founder @net-mobile-ag • Worked at @flag-telecom-ltd

ID 18923

Marcus Tonndorf

Swedish Entrepreneur and currently founder of Primal Shield. 5 Countries, 5 companies, 5 Languages and 5 areas of expertise.

ID 153092

Evangelos Lianos

Executive in different ICT/TMT companies. Board Member/Advisor in Green Energy, Pharma, HighTech Companies & Startups. Mentoring Entrepreneurs. Active Investor.

ID 78394

Jose E. Gonzalez Modecir

Founder @breezup UX Designer at @ysura-gmbh • Worked at @hetras-gmbh @cliqz, @grin-publishing @caesar-project • Studied at @university-of-havana-cuba

ID 442900

Martin Peters

CMO and Co-Founder ExecuteSales. 1st internet start-up out of business school. Strong marketing, product and strategy background.

ID 180884

Daniel Nathrath

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @viagogo

ID 92711

Christian Sigl

CTO & Co-Founder of @secure-me

ID 144591

Martin Sprengseis

ID 115855

Harald Siebenweiber

Co-founder of @10stamps.

ID 112493

Marco Hoeglinger

CEO and Founder of @game-punks. Founder of innovation.punks, a disruptive innovation lab and startup accelerator. business punk level with all areas of startups.

ID 85218

Dr. Michael Gebert


Entrepreneur and Seed Investor

ID 20899

Nils Noack

Technology Scout & Startup Coach at TUM | UnternehmerTUM

ID 459099

Steffen Siewert

Founder of airfy, Geek, Sales-Guy, CEO

ID 78136

Matthias Dietrich

Entrepreneur, hacker & time investor.

ID 301713

Thomas Schinabeck

Co-Founder, CEO of @dotdotdot • Worked at @mtv-networks; • Studied at LMU Munich, WU Vienna • UX and Digital Brand Management

ID 93988

Felix Schenavsky


Associate at GreenSoil Investments

ID 78535

Patrick Löffler

CEO of PL Gutscheinsysteme GmbH (@bonayou). 8 years working experience. Strong sales background. MBA at EBS Munich.

ID 496055

Rodrigo Rivera

Data Science & Startups @rocket-internet • Founder @emplido • Studied @national-university-of-singapore, @bocconi-university @technical-university-of-munich

ID 91296

Mario Grobholz

CEO & Founder of @secure-me. I‘m enthusiastic about online reputation and online privacy management. Worked for Telefonica, United Internet and eTF1.

ID 120971

Deniz Demirsoy

MD of letsfeedback, providing an audience response system for education. Business background: Sales & BizDev with Microsoft, online marketing, education market.

ID 34772

Manuel Kripp

Managing Partner at @polyas-gmbh, secure online voting solution for elections and votings in private & public sector

ID 46765

Sergii Khomenko

Founder @brainscode • Worked at @stylight-1 , @hp-international-institute-of-technology, @business-incubator-polyteco, @zeema

ID 262108

Nele Krüger


Co-founder of MyNudge, Master Technology Entrepreneurship Student at UCL, worked at Random House

ID 316342

Lionel von Dobeneck

Founder of JobCrowd GmbH; Graduated in Business Administration and Computer Science; Worked at Stern Stewart and Company

ID 432257

Eric Kohlmann Kupper

Co-Founder of FlowerKid. Love technology, entrepreneurship and international politics accompanied by good music, travels and going running.

ID 175226

Robin Stegemann

Serial Entrepreneur • Strong business background in social media marketing, sales, networking, product strategy and monetization

ID 45343

Boris Stock

Visionary, Innovator and Technologist. Over 10 years strong multidisciplinary background on design and technology (@frog-design, ...).

ID 268880

Marco Flaborea

Co-Founder of Vetiary, Background in Law but now working in Marketing. Interested in the tech world & Startup Scene

ID 108852

Jan Weber

Founder | CEO of bettersense. Focussed on start-ups in the space of online advertising / e-commerce and bringing US-start-ups to Germany

ID 92486

Felix Schollmeier

Co-founder of Finanzchef24, computer scientist, IESE MBA, geek, worked in VC, passion for entrepreneurship, technology, finance and exciting business models

ID 162675

Frank Rauch


Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @monitor-company • Studied at @university-of-cologne

ID 51500

Franz Buchenberger

Founder of several Internet startups. Senior executive in Top5 global IT company. Extensive international experience.

ID 101923

Pedro Coutinho

CEO & Founder @meethub, @waterdog-mobile • Worked at @german-aerospace-centre, @gmv-s-a • Studied at @chalmers-institute-of-technology

ID 451679

Julian Peters

Founder @jaimie-jacobs • Worked at @procter-gamble-2, @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch, @goetzpartners-corporate-finance • Studied at @bocconi-university, @babson-college, @rotterdam-school-of-management

ID 49544

Elias Stehle

First company founded @ the age of 15. Entrepreneur. Geek. Tech lover.

ID 60284

Robert Blessing

CEO / Founder of @localguiding, worked as a tour guide himself, business administration and marketing background

ID 68173

Milan Vasic

Lead front end developer and Co-partner on @twingz, holder of M Sc in Computer science, Worked on several international projects, entrepreneur and mentor.

ID 436948

Andrei Homorodean

Founder @frumosa, @makronetz • Worked at @google • Studied at @babes-bolyai-university

ID 7842

Robert Siebeck

I'm the co-founder and developer of @agreedo.

ID 162707

Brian Porter

Technologist, Entrepreneur - Founder SiteForce AG eBusiness Solutions • Worked at @merck-co, @porter-consulting • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 220661

Valentin Sawadski

I co-founded @tado to make rusty heating systems part of the Internet of Things.

ID 188144

Peter Monien

10y B2B sales experience. Last position with Dow Jones, as Regional Sales Manager with 7 direct reports

ID 202196

Marco Buhlmann

Dedicated, internationally-educated entrepreneur and business developer specialized in high growth, technology driven companies.

ID 499860

Simon Schneider

CEO of Zyncd: the easiest way to assemble a crowd to get things done. Identify what you care about, assemble your own crowd, share what you have to realise your goals

ID 54167

Marcin Olszowy

Founder @my-cool-sms. Entrepreneur. Studied Communications and Computer Systems in Munich, Germany.

ID 187090

Andreas Langegger

Founder zoomsquare • Studied at @johannes-kepler-university-linz

ID 64983

Julian von Blücher

Ecosummit´s Chief Sustainability Officer. Incubation Manager at Climate KIC, cleantech specialist, founder, investor, scholar and advisor.

ID 403579

Peter-Christoph Haider


CEO/Co-Founder @zeyon, Creator of ZeyOS (, and various open source products

ID 416989

Aleks Ristic

Founded surfID AG (sold to bruNET AG), then founded Airloft Ltd. (sold to Brunswick Corp.), then founded gobandit GmbH (sold to an European GPS Manufacturer)

ID 303689

Youb Loukil

Entrepreneur and Startup Geek with EMEA strategy, sales, business development and management expertise. Strong background in Internet & Technology.

ID 225346

Paul Savage

IT consultant & programmer. From Cork, IE ✈ Munich, DE

ID 104925

Hesham Ghandour

Studied at @technical-university-of-munich

ID 158861

Andrea Mörike

Relaunched Sales & Marketing of Berlin's startup datango; built Sales & Marketing machine of co-founded Open Source startup SOPERA, acquired by talend.

ID 280752

Stephan Odörfer

Co-founder & CTO at 4tiitoo AG. 1st software startup out of college. Responsible for software development and product management.

ID 283694

Tore Meyer

Co-founder & CEO of 4tiitoo AG.

ID 1272

Monty Metzger

Investor @amaysim

ID 181848


Founder GoBus GmbH • Worked at @microsoft, @siemens

ID 42417

Jawad A Deo

Co-founder Valletta Ventures. PhD Theoretical Physics. Six years in mobile technology working for Symbian. Now creating technologies for the research community.

ID 100074

Marko Luther

Manager at @docomo-euro-labs

ID 137981

Alejandro Pacheco

Organizational Manager and Consultant. Passionate about business and development. Worked as management teacher and as consultant at United Nations.

ID 333702

Maximilian Soltner

UX Expert & Entrepreneur, Interested in personalisation, big data and user testing.

ID 108998

Collin Croome

Digital Marketing Professional, Owner of @coma2-e-branding, Speaker & Trainer

ID 35850

Marius Wlassak

Founder @mwgbc. 15 years experience in marketing & sales. 25 years experience in machine building engineering, robotics, aircraft ind. and telematic services.

ID 304421

Lisa Kornek

COO and Co-Founder of Liebthings; BA; strong educational background; Creator of Aruube.

ID 490572


Founded aFlattr (Replaced with, Founded SeeTheProgress UG...

ID 198115

An Tran

CTO of @cleverlize . I want to help teachers mobilizing their contents with @cleverlize and @askandyeah

ID 414494

Peter Becke

Founder at Instafarm. New Media & Project Manager for Audi, Daimler, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, Audi MediaKiosk App, Porsche Times Olympiapark App, Rittal App.

ID 95908

Jens Wiese

I founded and sold @allfacebook-de back in 2009 and developed a Wii controlled TVGuide in 2008. MSc in Digital Media. Studied in Germany and Australia.

ID 157417

Karolin Bierbrauer

Founder eReserve UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

ID 249491

Gabriel Cypriano

Co-Founder @songwich. Worked @siemens-enterprise-communications-sen.

ID 459137

Simon Steinhöfel

Founded @designer-wg, @base9-at-co-working-space-salzburg. Worked @european-southern-observatory-eso, @hubble-space-telescope-eso-esa-nasa, @global-nights-com

ID 288444

Leo Feiler

CEO of liveagents, Partner of asl solar. 11 years of international marketing experience from the agencies side for global companies as GE, Pfizer, Roche...

ID 77617

Kiki Braverman

Founder pür•spirits

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 453954

Daniel Krauss

Founder FlixBus GmbH • Worked at @microsoft, @siemens

ID 141747

Axel Donath

Founder bikesale solutions • Worked as startup and management consultant • Founded first company in age of 18, self employed ever since.

ID 105612

George Bernhardt

ID 411419

Torben Simon Meier

Founder & CEO @AppClouds #Developer @gutado #TechGeek #Startup-Mentor #Entrepreneur #Apple-friend #Lean Startup Consulting

ID 88589

Michael Holste

BA Int. Business Administration, Marketing&Sales at Yasuu, Founder @aviendu

ID 152375

Wilhelm T. Roth

ID 111797

Christian Michaelis

CEO @ Venture Base GmbH

ID 127570

Artur Schlaht

Artur Schlaht (CEO) is responsible for the strategic orientation, finance and the business development. He studied at the University of Würzburg.

ID 340148

Marcus Schmitt

Founder @puremoov-ltd

ID 498714


Founder, owner and CEO of WhoWantsMyMoney UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Strong business background (Samsung Semiconductor & Texas Instruments) MBA 1990 FH Landshut

ID 441997

Christian Ketterer

Founder @christian-ketterer

ID 59464

Stefan Pflaum

Founder & CEO of @snipscan.

ID 31868

Erik Jonason

ID 77049

Valletta Ventures

Founder Valletta Ventures, Texpad Discover

ID 96651


Hendrik Boeing

ID 448089

Maxim Roubintchik

Founder @orceo-media. Former editor in chief of Gizmodo germany - former Head of social media at One Advertising AG. Developer of,,

ID 73041

Daniel Koller

Data Geek & Data Scientist, Entrepreneur at @rapidslides & , Worked at Siemens & Atos

ID 11398

Luca Manassero

IT Executive in a Fortune500, enthusiastic startupper (twice), strategy-focused business geek, mobile developer by passion.

ID 36989

Bartosz Kalinowski

ID 12006

Norman Wagner

Strong Business Experience as Managing and Executive Director (, Nielsen, Ebiquity). Founder of norman2 Marketing Consulting and ElternPlaner.

ID 34973

Anton Zur

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