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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Munich.

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ID 153092

Evangelos Lianos

Executive in different ICT/TMT companies. Board Member/Advisor in Green Energy, Pharma, HighTech Companies & Startups. Mentoring Entrepreneurs. Active Investor.

ID 268810

Claudius Jablonka

[email protected] Incubator&Innovation School, Munich, Germany | PhD [email protected] University | Founder of mobile startup. Strong VC & entrepreneurship network

ID 155962

Michael Demidov


Investor @angie, Principal @t34, Russian Tech Journalist @CNews, Advisor

ID 216017

Harald Mueller


Worked at @nokia, @philips • Investor @rankseller

ID 87239

Martin Tantow


Managing Director @scaler-1. Growth Strategist. Dealmaker. Founded @3scale @cloudtimes. Worked @booz-company @oliver-wyman. Mentor @techstars @sbootcamp

ID 21183

Christian Thaler-Wolski


Early stage investor at @wellington-partners, mentor at Seedcamp, advisor to tech companies.Know a thing about SaaS metrics, pricing strategy and building a sales team.

ID 212885

Florian Resch


Happy to work with sports & tech startups in Europe; sports enthousiast; background in business & law; full-time M&A advisory @ernst-and-young Studied at @ViennaEBA @stanford-university

ID 12198

Nate DiNiro

Founder VivaPhi, HIBCtv, @code-for-health • Worked at @earth-class-mail, @visual-networks • Studied at @life-university

ID 284810

Sebastian Lieb


Tech M&A banker with focus on Enterprise Software

ID 162765

Matthias Bellmann


be2 (index ventures investment), regiojobs europe (Rocket Internet + Holtzbrinck investment), kirondo (team europe investment), MSc Business Informatics

ID 152375

Wilhelm T. Roth

ID 31264

Jed Fisher

Focused on building great products, businesses, and teams. Past: VP Engineering (Sequoia company),VP Product Strategy, Founder; Exp with Fortune100s & startups

ID 303689

Youb Loukil

Entrepreneur and Startup Geek with EMEA strategy, sales, business development and management expertise. Strong background in Internet & Technology.

ID 130692

Roland Moriz


Managing Director, Project Manager, Consultant/Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails

ID 262075

yan shikhvarger

#EmergingTech and business models @allianz & @allianz Digital Accelerator . Previously with @vaynermedia and @RuderFinn in New York and Basel.

ID 99064

Daniel Broger

Swiss entrepreneur and investor

ID 31868

Erik Jonason

ID 66542

Lloyd Price

Co Founder of Zesty. Director roles held at, Yahoo! Europe, & StartUps since 1998. London Business School 2009

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