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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Munich.

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ID 10103

Mat Wiemann

Founder storycam - broadcast your stories, Senior developer, MBA, previously founded GoodCoworking

ID 90373


Worked at @ideo, @linux-information-systems, @Shoplove, • Studied at @university-of-applied-sciences

ID 401186

Andreas Keil

CS PhD with strong interest in business development and entrepreneurship

ID 193004

Miguel Fernando Cabrera Granados

Worked at @accenture

ID 109310

Georg Treu

CEO of SPOTS. Co-founder of Aloqa (sold to Motorola). Location-based services expert. Strong research and product dev background. PhD CS LMU Munich.

ID 118722

Tyron Montgomery

Oscar-winning film maker, award-winning Internet & media expert, technical innovator, founder and former CTO of @icharts, CEO of @augenreiz in Munich.

ID 87482

Sebastian Schuon

ID 105125

Felix Haas


Internet Entrepreneur: CEO-Founder @amiando (sold to @xing), Founder TiberiumSun (sold to u.), Investor-Founder @kreditech. TU Munich, @eth-zurich-1, @stanford-university.

ID 344401

Max M. Diez

Founder of Shippo. 1st IT outsourcing startup out of high school. Formerly CTO in several European startups. Tech and Business Strategy background.

ID 220288

Luis Fernández

Founder In love with JS, The paratrooper at One computer & time, you get your code

ID 46765

Sergii Khomenko

Founder @brainscode • Worked at @stylight-1 , @hp-international-institute-of-technology, @business-incubator-polyteco, @zeema

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 78394

Jose E. Gonzalez Modecir

Founder @breezup UX Designer at @ysura-gmbh • Worked at @hetras-gmbh @cliqz, @grin-publishing @caesar-project • Studied at @university-of-havana-cuba

ID 453207

David Lechón Quiñones

Currently at @lernstift. Python and Django developer.

ID 231463

Christian Hochfilzer


Director of UX & Strategy @netconstructor, Inc.

ID 130692

Roland Moriz


Managing Director, Project Manager, Consultant/Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails

ID 78136

Matthias Dietrich

Entrepreneur, hacker & time investor.

ID 23690

Falk Wolsky


CEO Passionate Founder, Developer & Inventor 12 years experience as entrepreneur, startup initiator, team leader and product developer.

ID 68173

Milan Vasic

Lead front end developer and Co-partner on @twingz, holder of M Sc in Computer science, Worked on several international projects, entrepreneur and mentor.

ID 161213

Willi Richert

Worked at @microsoft • PhD in Machine Learning/Robotics

ID 162707

Brian Porter

Technologist, Entrepreneur - Founder SiteForce AG eBusiness Solutions • Worked at @merck-co, @porter-consulting • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 7842

Robert Siebeck

I'm the co-founder and developer of @agreedo.

ID 377457

Sarthak Pati

Computer Vision engineer by profession, chef by hobby.

ID 280536

Teja Philipp

Computer Science in Munich, Germany. All purpose programming skills, additional design & graphics background. Lot of startup experience.

ID 436948

Andrei Homorodean

Founder @frumosa, @makronetz • Worked at @google • Studied at @babes-bolyai-university

ID 45343

Boris Stock

Visionary, Innovator and Technologist. Over 10 years strong multidisciplinary background on design and technology (@frog-design, ...).

ID 187090

Andreas Langegger

Founder zoomsquare • Studied at @johannes-kepler-university-linz

ID 322122

Alexander Veit

We <3 software!

ID 328128

Pablo Sánchez-Laulhé

Math student at TUM Munich. Python knowledge. Looking for a job in the startup world.

ID 49544

Elias Stehle

First company founded @ the age of 15. Entrepreneur. Geek. Tech lover.

ID 220661

Valentin Sawadski

I co-founded @tado to make rusty heating systems part of the Internet of Things.

ID 491004

Markus Schmaus

Genuine data scientist; Highly intelligent with outstanding technical knowledge; Experienced in output oriented work at McKinsey and Airbnb.

ID 200912

Olivier Caillault

Student at @Supelec • Former web and full stack engineer at @officepal & @kbrw-adventure • Former software engineer at @gemalto

ID 121356

Stefan Rothlehner

Full-Stack Engineer and Full-Blood Entrepreneur

ID 403579

Peter-Christoph Haider


CEO/Co-Founder @zeyon, Creator of ZeyOS (, and various open source products

ID 104925

Hesham Ghandour

Studied at @technical-university-of-munich

ID 194905

Wolfram Teetz

Bonn CS, Startup CEO in Germany, Retina Implant, Chemistry, Life science IT, GO-Bio, HTGF VC

ID 42417

Jawad A Deo

Co-founder Valletta Ventures. PhD Theoretical Physics. Six years in mobile technology working for Symbian. Now creating technologies for the research community.

ID 480897

Andy Murphy

G'day! Full stack RoR, JS, JQ developer. Business background. Looking for opportunities around the globe.

ID 249491

Gabriel Cypriano

Co-Founder @songwich. Worked @siemens-enterprise-communications-sen.

ID 211934


Entrepreneur from the lovely city of Munich; Founder of Motoretti - "La dolce Vita" e-mobility solution; High performance web application engineer.

ID 415785

Stephan Keitel

Project manager @esg

ID 411359

Urban Hafner

Ruby on Rails & JavaScript webdeveloper

ID 333702

Maximilian Soltner

UX Expert & Entrepreneur, Interested in personalisation, big data and user testing.

ID 198115

An Tran

CTO of @cleverlize . I want to help teachers mobilizing their contents with @cleverlize and @askandyeah

ID 459137

Simon Steinhöfel

Founded @designer-wg, @base9-at-co-working-space-salzburg. Worked @european-southern-observatory-eso, @hubble-space-telescope-eso-esa-nasa, @global-nights-com

ID 71274

Murali Modukuri

Technical Lead

ID 445879

Eduard Feicho

RWTH Aachen CS, Computer Vision Passionate, Worked at BMW R&D with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

ID 360923

Lukas Welte

Software Engineer | iOS Expert | Studying at @technical-university-of-munich

ID 169009

David Aurelio

JavaScript addict, working at @uxebu

ID 333637

Li Huang

ID 137981

Alejandro Pacheco

Organizational Manager and Consultant. Passionate about business and development. Worked as management teacher and as consultant at United Nations.

ID 441863

Dominic Krasnopolski

Technical Project Manager/ Scrum Master @paymill, worked at @paymill, @rocket-internet, @zieltraffic, @sony-music-entertainment, @anschlusstor • Studied at @university-of-heidelberg

ID 355980

Abhishek Sharma


ID 374626

Dominic Phillips

full stack, munich, engineer at @stylight

ID 496790

Evgeny Rachinskiy

Software architect and team lead. PhD in software engineering.

ID 448089

Maxim Roubintchik

Founder @orceo-media. Former editor in chief of Gizmodo germany - former Head of social media at One Advertising AG. Developer of,,

ID 458353

Dennis Gecaj

CEO of Pixycle. Creator of the travel app Tripnotes.

ID 392841

Danny Stey

Works for many named companies, works in sparetime, 1st startup 2010

ID 52164

Fabian Stroehle

PhD student at TUM Munich; Research on the information content of microblogs

ID 138134

Kathrin Brunner

Engineer for Applied Physics (BS), Worked at Max Planck Institute (mech. and electr. engineering), SCOL Med GmbH and Infineon.

ID 124999

Phillip Oertel

Ruby on Rails Developer, prev. also worked as CTO and Scrum Master. Agile, pragmatic, experienced, good comunicator, always learning.

ID 307677

Sandra Müller

Frontend Developer, Photoshop since 7 years, Undergrad degree within 2 years, ambitious, Design addicted, CS Student at TU Munich

ID 289592

Nakul Chaudhari

TU Muenchen, C/C++, scaling multiplayer games over the network

ID 99082


ID 406153

Armin Mesic

Front-End Develorper

ID 11398

Luca Manassero

IT Executive in a Fortune500, enthusiastic startupper (twice), strategy-focused business geek, mobile developer by passion.

ID 196183

Peter Bouda

Co-founder of CIDLeS. Linguist and Geek. Specialist for language technologies. Top Innovator @ Mobile World Congress 2008.

ID 499754

Chi Trung Nguyen

random internet guy who has fun hacking stuff, working at T-Systems as Security Test Analyst, Student of Business Informatics

ID 411419

Torben Simon Meier

Founder & CEO @AppClouds #Developer @gutado #TechGeek #Startup-Mentor #Entrepreneur #Apple-friend #Lean Startup Consulting

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