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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Munich.

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ID 448089

Maxim Roubintchik

Founder @orceo-media. Former editor in chief of Gizmodo germany - former Head of social media at One Advertising AG. Developer of,,

ID 36989

Bartosz Kalinowski

ID 481399

Robert Hollerbach

ID 476743

Filip Juric

Fast-moving quick learner. Business student at the University of Munich looking for an internship. International experience. Getting the job done well.

ID 289550

Stefan Levko

Freelance COO/CFO and consultant atm working in Berlin, Munich and Cologne for founders and companies that don´t want to get distracted from their focus.

ID 144591

Martin Sprengseis

ID 488436

Lucas Frischmann

I'm working in the sales and product team. So i realize the wishes from our customers... Specialist in: Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising, some SaaS Tools..

ID 467036

Mona Siewert

easy secure wifi for free // Co-Founder @airfy & @airberry

ID 68066

Kirill Sermyagin

Founder and CEO of Strong business background (from startups to multibillion tournover, IT and Ops, internet). BSc in Moscow State University

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