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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Munich.

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ID 209576

Daniel Kaesmacher

Co-founder & CMO of Lernstift, co-owner of Hamburg based ad agency, advertising merchant, conceptual copywriter (+10 years international brand experience)

ID 231463

Christian Hochfilzer


Director of UX & Strategy @netconstructor, Inc.

ID 175226

Robin Stegemann

Serial Entrepreneur • Strong business background in social media marketing, sales, networking, product strategy and monetization

ID 372429

Daniel Khachab

Exited first start up in High School, Emerging Market fanatic, Ex Rocket Internet, I want so I can

ID 209809

Maximilian G. Noelle

CMO ntypz, 26 years, founded MGN Media (production for film and media), Master of New Media Management, interested in: piano,golf,discovering other countries

ID 225760

Mischa Rürup


Founder of intelliAd, leading bid management system in Germany, Information Technology in Karlsruhe

ID 442900

Martin Peters

CMO and Co-Founder ExecuteSales. 1st internet start-up out of business school. Strong marketing, product and strategy background.

ID 342153


Degree in Journalism and Economics. Work experience at business newspaper and art research company. Working at Mileways since the idea was born in 2011.

ID 148438

Monty Metzger


Founder @monty-de, @dreamfactory-the-infotainment-company • Investor @monolith-1, @amaysim • Studied at @king-s-college

ID 453207

David Lechón Quiñones

Currently at @lernstift. Python and Django developer.

ID 238029

Michael C. Burrows

Munich | Detroit | San Francisco | Product | Marketing | Business Development | eCommerce | Software Development

ID 268880

Marco Flaborea

Co-Founder of Vetiary, Background in Law but now working in Marketing. Interested in the tech world & Startup Scene

ID 174292

Volkmar Kunerth

Founder @solar-partnerts-international-llc, @synergy-llc • Worked at @sustainable-silicon-valley, @euratio

ID 94786

Nicolas Dittberner

Country Manager at @elance, Founder @ondango • Worked at @sponsorpay • Studied at @Technical University Of Munich

ID 401186

Andreas Keil

CS PhD with strong interest in business development and entrepreneurship

ID 64835

Christian Busch


Marketing, Business Development, Europe. @alloy-media-marketing @takkle, @cellfish-media • Investor @instinct, @seamlessdocs @alphaboost.

ID 491004

Markus Schmaus

Genuine data scientist; Highly intelligent with outstanding technical knowledge; Experienced in output oriented work at McKinsey and Airbnb.

ID 281210

Simon Fundner


Senior Account Director @sapient.

ID 374225

Anna Katharina Rieger

Consultant for Project Management at Accenture. Very interested in working with creative people.

ID 108998

Collin Croome

Digital Marketing Professional, Owner of @coma2-e-branding, Speaker & Trainer

ID 35850

Marius Wlassak

Founder @mwgbc. 15 years experience in marketing & sales. 25 years experience in machine building engineering, robotics, aircraft ind. and telematic services.

ID 324993

Tere Boscolo

Assistant Marketing Manager and Design Thinking enthusiast

ID 333702

Maximilian Soltner

UX Expert & Entrepreneur, Interested in personalisation, big data and user testing.

ID 319998

Markus Kaiser

Co-Founder, Interim Manager; European Markets

ID 476743

Filip Juric

Fast-moving quick learner. Business student at the University of Munich looking for an internship. International experience. Getting the job done well.

ID 465685

Kerstin Eichmann

Head of User Experience of Fidor Bank. Inventor of "Like-Zins" - the first user driven interest rate. Finance Punk, actually learning ruby on rails.

ID 249074

Markus Leppänen

Online Marketing Ninja

ID 108852

Jan Weber

Founder | CEO of bettersense. Focussed on start-ups in the space of online advertising / e-commerce and bringing US-start-ups to Germany

ID 150016

Adam Goodman

Worked at @avg-technologies @deloitte-consulting, @telus • Studied at @university-of-guelph, @schulich-school-of-business

ID 176498

Damion Sanchez

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @northeastern-university University, @blue-man-group • Studied at @northeastern-university, @berklee-college-of-music

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 211934


Entrepreneur from the lovely city of Munich; Founder of Motoretti - "La dolce Vita" e-mobility solution; High performance web application engineer.

ID 158861

Andrea Mörike

Relaunched Sales & Marketing of Berlin's startup datango; built Sales & Marketing machine of co-founded Open Source startup SOPERA, acquired by talend.

ID 273972

Adrian Bechtold

Seeking for new opportunities in Munich and World

ID 88589

Michael Holste

BA Int. Business Administration, Marketing&Sales at Yasuu, Founder @aviendu

ID 354170


Investment background with focus on relationship management and project work, multilingual, international experience.

ID 481399

Robert Hollerbach

ID 415785

Stephan Keitel

Project manager @esg

ID 405177

Christian Beeking

ID 364162

Sylvia Perez

Got the shop up when I took over from - 20% up to +50 within a 1 and a half. Got sponsered for achiving always the highest sales and was sponsered in Australia. Got an outstanding achievement at the Marketing College.

ID 448089

Maxim Roubintchik

Founder @orceo-media. Former editor in chief of Gizmodo germany - former Head of social media at One Advertising AG. Developer of,,

ID 345345

Gunnar Falk

Rolled out Augmented Realty for IKEA, Ericsson, Lego & World Expo 2012; International Business relationships in EMEA & ASEAN markets; worked for Apple

ID 194905

Wolfram Teetz

Bonn CS, Startup CEO in Germany, Retina Implant, Chemistry, Life science IT, GO-Bio, HTGF VC

ID 324348

Santiago Sebastián de Erice

Online and mobile customer acquisition specialist with extensive multi-country organization expertise. Personal motto: Evolution

ID 148294

Christian Marchsreiter

Founder @smartwork-solutions; business collaboration expert; serial entrepreneur; founded already 3 internet start-up companies (very successful in Germany)

ID 288444

Leo Feiler

CEO of liveagents, Partner of asl solar. 11 years of international marketing experience from the agencies side for global companies as GE, Pfizer, Roche...

ID 379615

Alisa Dina


ID 304391

Oliver Ries

CEO co-founder @liebthings, enthusiastic brand developer, 2nd place @startupweekend munich, dual marketing studies, worked for @gyro worldwide agency munich

ID 280742

Katharina Auer

ID 495169

Alexander Bruntz

Founder @onvicon-gmbh • Worked as consultant for strategy, marketing and innovation at @mindbeat-consulting

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