Munich Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Munich.

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ID 132018

Thomas Bernik


Founder and CEO of audio media group and German Ventures startup accelerator

ID 2266

Maximilian Thyssen


European Angel Investor

ID 15853

Moshe Bar


Founder of @qumranet, @xensource, @qlusters. Investor in @greensql, @musicmonster, @hyper9, @correlsense, @zimory, @neebula. Team member of @atlantic-capital-partners.

ID 126409

Jérôme Lutz

ID 108902

Wolfgang Krause


Seventure Partners. Boards: @conject (Munich), @navabi (Aachen), @retailo (Cologne). Past boards: Apertio (@nokia Siemens), Sigma-C (Synopsis), LASOR AG (ISRA AG).

ID 21183

Christian Thaler-Wolski


Early stage investor at @wellington-partners, mentor at Seedcamp, advisor to tech companies.Know a thing about SaaS metrics, pricing strategy and building a sales team.

ID 93988

Felix Schenavsky


Associate at GreenSoil Investments

ID 33003

Christophe Defforey


Paua Ventures invests in promising Early Stage companies. We are globally active and act both as Lead and as Co-Investor.

ID 74290

Young-Jin Choi


New Ventures Manager at 3M

ID 193589

Timothy Farnell


Investor @macmillan-publishers, @digital-education.

ID 55382

Daniel Jones


Technology Venture Capitalist

ID 81317

Stefan Tirtey


I am a partner at Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. I led our early investment in @soundcloud. I am based in Munich and invest across Europe.

ID 75723

Alexander Bruehl -->


Angel investor and mentor for those having exciting business ideas, ready kicking off their company. Core competency and areas of interest: SaaS (eg. @freeagent @geckoboard @positionly @riskmethods @minubo @contentful)

ID 20899

Nils Noack

Technology Scout & Startup Coach at TUM | UnternehmerTUM

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